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The Girdwood Magnetic Goggle 21/22

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If you've ridden in Girdwood or the surrounding areas then you know it can be snowy, rainy, slushy, and even occasionally sunny. The weather can change from any of those forms to the other in an instant. 

The Girdwood goggle is a cylindrical design with a quick-change magnetic lens. If you're sending it off Kitchen Rock and you take a digger you can swap out lenses in an instant and not miss any pow. 

This goggle is designed for a large field of view and will best fit an adult face. The strap has anti-slip silicone on the inside to keep your goggles on your head or your helmet. The Girdwood comes with triple layer foam for comfort, fit, and feel. The Girdwood comes standard with a REVO coated "Sunny" day lens as well as a low-light yellow lens. 

Also included:   

- Yellow low-light spare magnetic lens                          

- non scratch, dual pouch goggle bag

- zippered neoprene hardcase