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Looda L/S T-Shirt

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This graphic was designed and created by our manager, Brooke. 

Brooke is from the Wolf tribe of the Tsimshian people. 

The saying, “LOODA TXA’NII GYET” translates to Respect All People.

Brooke feels very strongly about the atrocities that have been and are being discovered to have happened to indigenous peoples. The orange shirt was created to bring attention to and honor Orange Shirt Day, September 30th. 

A donation has also been made to the National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition. 

We are so proud of Brooke for creating such a beautiful piece with such meaning behind it. We’re proud of her as a representative of our store, of Alaska, and snowboarding & skateboarding. We’re honored that she is sharing her heritage and culture with us.